Write a letter to a refugee!

Amsterdam, 30th of December 2020

Dear friend,

Thousands of people in Europe are displaced, on the move, stuck, waiting. We have seen images and heard stories. And we too are wondering: is there something we can do?

Here is our idea: let’s write letters of connection and encouragement to people somewhere on this Refugee Highway. This can be to someone who has recently fled, is away from friends and family, waiting for information or an appointment on their asylum case; someone who waits in line for showers and food, that hopes the future will be better for their children; someone trying to keep hope in the midst of waiting and uncertainty.

You can send your letter(s) to the following address: 

Walk of Shame EU
Cabralstraat 1
1057 CD Amsterdam, NL

We will send them to our friends and contacts in refugee camps in Greece, such as the ‘new’ Moria camp on Lesvos, or in Bosnia. 

Enlighten someone’s day. You might never know who reads your letter, or when, but your words of hope will not be forgotten. They might change a whole life.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

All the best,

The Walk of Shame EU team

PS: Before mailing your letters, feel free to take one or two nice pictures of the actual letters and/or the envelopes. Please note that for further promotion of this project, we might publish your letters – except if you expressly oppose it. Thank you!

My students loved writing encouraging notes to refugees. They had learned about their lives, hopes and difficulties in my lessons and were eager to share their words of kindness and strength. I recommend every teacher to invite their students to participate in this wonderful idea. It changes lives.

Laura, teacher in Amsterdam

Frequently asked questions

Who will get my letter?
Your letter will be randomly dispatched to a country along the Balkan route, where it will either be given to a refugee or displayed on a billboard in a refugee camp for everyone to see.

How much time do I have to send my letter(s)?
You are welcome to write letters any time!

Can I type my letter(s) instead?
We strongly recommend you write your letter(s) by hand, as this makes them much more relatable and personal. However, if for any reason you’re more comfortable typing a letter, you can send it to us by email at info@walk-of-shame.eu.

I don’t feel comfortable writing in English. Can I write in another language?
Yes, of course! In that case, however, please type your letter into the language of your choice, then translate it into English using a translation tool such as the Deepl Translator. Then, if that is possible for you, handwrite it and send it to the address above. If not, then, send us your letter to info@walk-of-shame.eu.

Can I organise a writing session?
That’s a great idea! We support all ideas to write letters and postcards together with friends, students and colleagues. You can assemble the letters in an envelope and post them all at once to us. Don’t forget to take pictures of the writing session and share them on social media!