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Walk of Shame 2024 to Dunkerque, France
Introduction to the walk The walkers will meet in Amsterdam on the weekend of April 22. We want to give
If a refugee sets foot in Europe, we can safely assume that they had a hell of a journey. The
I was moving some pots and the worms hiding underneath it, into the flowerpot, in my garden. When I saw
Our Walkers, the people who did the second Walk of Shame, did not aspire to be heroes. The inspired decision
I’ve been fascinated by what you call ‘borders.’ Philosophically, zoomed in, borders are such curious things. A border or a
The Walkers from the Walk of Shame are on their way!  They are trying to meet people on the move,
The so-called “New Pact on Migration and Asylum” presented by the EU Commission in September comes as a slap in
Some reality on refugee camps In the video call, Nasim looks quite stressed. He has just been involved in a
The phoenix that should not arise from its ashes again Fire While I am enjoying a belated holiday on another
Selena sits in front of her device, wearing a pink T-shirt and shiny red hair. She wanted to dye her
Let’s take the next step and express our human kindness I used to have discussions with my father about whether
Why do I pick the refugee crisis to worry about? I must admit: I would rather not care about the
Is Moria camp a living hell, or could it grow into a little paradise? Tawab and many others are working hard
‘The Game’, they call it. Sounds nice, right? Well, it’s not. I’ve just found out what it actually is. As