Feeling frustrated by the border pushbacks, dog bites, bureaucracy, walls, boats and refugee camps?

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One month in 2020
across the Balkans

Join from home

Wherever you are on earth, please join us by expressing locally your frustration about the inhumane
treatment of people who seek asylum in Europe. The more, the stronger.

  • Share our newsletters, posts, videos, Newsflash
  • Spraypaint our logo all over the place
  • Attend and/or organise our local events across Europe
  • Use the Walk of Shame profile picture frame
  • Listen to and share our podcast (coming soon)
  • Watch our daily live video from the Balkans (during the walk)
  • Tell your favourite journalist about the Walk of Shame
  • Ask your favourite “influencer” (or imam, priest, guru) to mention it
  • Share our #shametalks + #balkantalks posters
  • Or suggest another idea

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Walk the Balkans

Join a Walking Team and express your regret by joining the people who are suffering at our borders.
Whenever possible, we walk with the refugees who cross the Balkans.

It might involve sleeping outside, eating at campfires and not knowing what the next day will bring.
A way to counter dehumanising politics by being just humans together.
If we can’t change politics, we still can connect person to person. This matters.

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“I feel ashamed that with all our activism, lobbyism, politics and protest, we haven’t been able to make Europe keep up the human values.I feel it when I talk to this Egyptian kid at a campfire in an empty factory, or the Afghan boy in a terrible refugee camp, I feel shame ‘cause we Europeans have failed miserably. Towards them.”Rikko from The Netherlands


The Walk of Shame is initiated by European activists connected to
We Gaan Ze Halen and Civil March for Aleppo.
They have organised several international campaigns and protest the last years and decided to join forces,
together with newcomers who have been through it all.

If you want to get in touch with us, write to info@walk-of-shame.eu.


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