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We are facing concrete walls, both Europeans and people stuck in refugee camps. We haven’t been able to uphold humanitarian values. Let it be known. Let’s make this wall meaningful. Let’s talk of shame. Conversations are the remedy, connection is the solution.


Poem by Shauna and photo by Niels. Inspired by Walk of Shame in Dunkirk 2024.

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We Go

by Nick; illustration by Jellie Goedhart

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Art of Shame

Artists from our network and beyond are invited to engage with the material of Walk of Shame and, thereby, create Art of Shame. The Art emphasises the project’s focus of being in conversation and being present with the people stuck at European borders. Join our weekly challenges or submit your Art inspired by Walk of Shame contents!

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Talks of Shame

Let’s battle isolation and share the conversations you have with people on the move in Greece or across the Balkans. We can’t walk yet, but we can always talk.

Talk of Shame #11

with N., from Afghanistan

Talk of Shame #10

with N., a young Afghani coming from Iran, met in Bira camp (Bosnia) but now staying in Lipa camp

Talk of Shame #9

with N., a young Afghani coming from Iran, met in Bira camp (Bosnia) but now staying in Lipa camp

Talk of Shame #8

with S., 24, from Pakistan, met in Bira Camp, Bihać, Bosnia.

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Walk of Shame

We have more! Access all our Talk of Shame GIFs and Art of Shame Artworks here.

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Anna, Italy - Smaller quotes

I talked to many children and teenagers in the refugee camps in Bihac, and listened to so many horrifying stories of violence in their home countries, but also along the way, and the fact that they are still not reunited with their families/relatives in European countries because of bureaucracy is really upsetting. I feel ashamed.

Anna, Italy
Rikko, Netherlands - Smaller quotes

I feel ashamed that with all our activism, lobbyism, politics and protest, we haven’t been able to make Europe keep up the human values.I feel it when I talk to this Egyptian kid at a campfire in an empty factory, or the Afghan boy in a terrible refugee camp, I feel shame ‘cause we Europeans have failed miserably. Towards them.

Rikko, Netherlands
Magdalena, Poland - Smaller quotes

People who tried to escape death asked me why we don’t want them – I felt, and still feel, ashamed.

Magdalena, Poland
Share Your Shame

Share Your Shame

At what moment did you, as a European, feel shame about the way Europe is treating people on the move at our borders? Describe the specific situation and how you felt.